FAQ - PROXYLEET service terms of use

This page describes the rules and recommendations for using the service.
And also a description of the API methods

We provide proxy server rental services. We have been operating in the market since 2019 and are known for the highest quality as well as responsive technical support.

The following information is provided for proxies: IP address, HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 ports for connection, credentials (username and password) for authentication. It is also possible to configure access by IP address through our support. The provided information pertains exclusively to server and mobile proxies. Public proxies, open and not requiring authentication, are provided in the format IP:PORT.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to test mobile and server proxies. However, we are willing to refund your payment within two hours of purchase, provided that this occurs no more than twice, to prevent abuse of the service.

Of course, you can extend the validity period of your proxies in your personal account for an indefinite period, starting from one month. However, it is recommended not to leave this until the last moment and to extend the proxies at least two hours before the expiration date. After the expiration date, restoring the proxies becomes difficult, so please contact us via Telegram to resolve this issue.

Our proxies do not provide access to banks and payment systems in Russia, except in certain cases. For example, we have proxies that allow you to work with the Qiwi payment system, as well as proxies that provide access to all payment systems. These proxies are intended exclusively for working with the respective payment systems.

No, port 25 is closed. Email distribution is prohibited.

In our proxy service, all types of gray and black activities are absolutely prohibited in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Any user caught violating this rule will be denied service.

We guarantee a refund within two hours of purchase in case of any issues. In other situations, we recommend contacting us via Telegram.

Of course, we can offer a personalized discount for wholesale orders. We also do not restrict the resale of our proxies, and for this purpose, we have an API. For any questions you may have, please contact us via Telegram.


# Method Description
1 KEY Your Premium Access Key
2 TYPE Unloaded proxies type (http, socks4, socks5)
3 COUNTRY Country for unloading proxies (RU, US, HR)
4 CITY City for unloading proxies (Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir)
5 INTERFACE Unloaded proxies format
6 anonymity Anonymity proxies (anonymous, transparent, elite)
6 SPEED Speed of unloaded proxies (in milliseconds)


# Error Description
1 ERROR_TOO_MANY_IP Exceeding the number of ip addresses per day. (3 addresses available)
2 ERROR_KEY_BANNED Your key has been blocked (More information is available in the panel)
3 ERROR_KEY_EXPIRED The key has expired, you need to buy a new key
4 ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Too many requests (Error passes after 3 seconds)
5 ERROR_KEY_NOT_FOUND The key doesn't exist
6 ERROR_PROXIES_NOT_FOUND Proxies were not found (Proxy type may not have been selected)